Ché Scott

A portrait of Ché Scott, current Board Member of the Florida Justice Institute
Board Member

Ché Scott

Ché Scott is the founder and author of The Honor Movement: Influencing a Generation of Boys and Girls to Honor and Respect Each Other in Thoughts, Words and Actions. This unique message is what Ché considers to be his calling: creating a world where kids are taught the importance of honor and respect.

Ché is a mentor and coach, and is passionate about making an impact; he firmly believes that by investing in youth today, we will transform the world tomorrow. In addition to his board service with FJI, Ché sits on the board of Chapman Partnership and dedicates his time as Team Chaplain for the Miami Heat.

Ché earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami in 2005 and embraced the direction of his faith while a member of the football team.

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