What We Do

FJI is committed to achieving social justice through our dedicated litigation and advocacy efforts in criminal justice reform, housing & poverty, and disability access.

What does FJI Do?

At FJI, we are civil rights attorneys who work to achieve lasting change for poor and disenfranchised Floridians through strategic, creative, and client-centered litigation. 

Through a combination of class-action and individual cases, FJI aims to leverage our resources to end systems of oppression and improve living conditions so that change continues well beyond our victories in the courtroom.


Criminal Justice Reform

FJI initiates cases aimed at reforming Florida’s worst criminal justice policies. The cases we bring encompass efforts to improve prison conditions, prevent abuse, mitigate violence, achieve disability accommodations, protect free speech, address dangerous understaffing and overcrowding, and outlaw solitary confinement.

Additionally, FJI advocates for cash bail reform and other policies that would ease the burden on families supporting incarcerated loved ones.

Mr. Murillo’s Story

Although people are sent to prison as punishment for a crime, as human beings they are still entitled to adequate […]

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Housing and Poverty

FJI spearheads legal challenges to laws that criminalize poverty and unfairly target people experiencing homelessness, advocating for increased funding for affordable housing and access to proper treatment.

Additionally, FJI takes on cases representing victims of housing discrimination, ensuring their rights are upheld and justice is served.

COSAC sues JAX over anti-panhandling law

By Steve Patterson | March 1, 2024Florida Times-Union A homelessness nonprofit is suing to stop enforcement of a Jacksonville law banning panhandling in […]

Disability Access

FJI also initiates litigation aimed at compelling governments and businesses to maintain accessible facilities, thereby guaranteeing that individuals with disabilities receive the necessary accommodations to lead lives of dignity and respect.

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