Socialist Workers Party Succesfully Counters FDOC Censorship of Newsletter

The Militant newspaper received word Oct. 10 that it has been successful in beating back a decision by prison officials at Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Milton, Fla., to impound one of its issues sent to inmates who subscribe to the socialist newsweekly. On Sept. 9 the paper received a letter from the prison saying its July 22 issue was impounded on the grounds that a news article reporting on the initiation of a hunger strike by prisoners in California “presents a threat to the security, good order, or discipline of the correctional system.” The impoundment, moreover, the notice said, will be enforced throughout the Florida state prison system — “in all major institutions, work camps, road prisons, and forestry camps” — where 32 workers behind bars receive the Militant each week. Three additional inmate subscribers in Florida are locked up in federal prisons. Read the full Press Release.

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