Help Me Howard: Wheelchair Ramp

Imagine being a prisoner in your own home. Stuck in a wheelchair, unable to go outside because you don’t have a wheelchair ramp. Even worse, you cant get one. Why it’s one roadblock after another and it’s why one woman called Help me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

WSVN — Some people lead charmed lives. Some people don’t. Linda Joyner: “I had polio at 4 years old.” As a child Linda was molested by a distant relative. At 18, she was kidnapped and terribly abused. Linda Joyner: “And while he was going into his rage I ran to the car.” Linda escaped the kidnapper but today in her retirement years, she is a prisoner in her own apartment. Linda Joyner: “I am desperate. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.” Linda cannot get out of her apartment without a wheelchair ramp. 18 months ago, she bought this one but it’s too heavy for her to lift, and dangerous to use. Linda Joyner: “If you lean back and you are on too big of an angle the gravity level isn’t there and you will flip back.” For awhile Linda paid different people $5 to put the ramp down to let her get to the store. But finding someone was hard. Then last year, Linda asked us to help her. We made some calls and were told that a Broward agency was donating a permanent ramp. A contractor had volunteered to install it. Everything was taken care of. We moved on, but the ramp never arrived.

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