FJI, on behalf of HOPE Fair Housing Center, Files Race Discrimination Housing Lawsuit

Lawyers from the Florida Justice Institute (FJI) have filed a federal lawsuit alleging housing discrimination on the basis of race against a Miami apartment complex.  Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence (HOPE), a local fair housing center, sent testers to ask about the availability of apartments.  The Black testers were told that no apartments were available, while the Hispanic testers were shown apartments and were told that they could move in soon.  Unfortunately, racial discrimination still exists in our housing markets but has become harder to detect.  The efforts of HOPE and FJI represent one step toward eradicating this discrimination, making sure that all people can live in the home of their choice, regardless of race.

FJI and HOPE have issued a Press Release.

See press coverage of this case here and here.

The matter has now been resolved.

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