FJI Helps Secure Wheelchair Ramp for Elderly Woman

Linda Joyner uses a wheelchair for mobility, but found herself a prisoner in her own home.  She was having trouble installing a permanent wheelchair ramp to get in and out of her house, after the temporary ramp she used eventually became too heavy for her to lift.  Initially her landlord would not allow her to install the permanent ramp, insisting that Ms. Joyner assume liability for any injuries that might be caused by the ramp, and to purchase an insurance policy.  As a person who counts on a Section 8 housing voucher, Ms. Joyner could simply not afford to do that.  Attorneys for FJI stepped in, and successfully convinced the landlord to allow her to have the ramp without assuming liability or purchasing insurance.  With financial help from the Center for Independent Living, a permanent ramp was finally installed, and Ms. Joyner can now enter and leave her house with ease.

See the press coverage of this case.

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