FJI Secures Hearing Equipment for Incarcerated Deaf Man; FDOC Pays $237,500 in Attorneys’ Fees

Felix Garcia, a profoundly deaf incarcerated man, just wanted to be able to hear the television, using a simple hookup to his hearing aid and a radio transmitter from the television.  When the FDOC would not allow him to have the equipment, he filed a lawsuit pro se and litigated it for years until FJI began to represent him.  The FDOC constantly tried to evade the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act by allowing him to have the equipment, but then transferring him to a facility without transmitters on the television.  After protracted litigation, the FDOC finally agreed to a settlement, allowing Mr. Garcia to keep the necessary equipment and to be housed in a facility with a transmitter.  The FDOC also agreed to pay $237,500 in attorneys’ fees.  This was a significant step in ensuring that the FDOC complies with its obligations under the ADA, to ensure that all inmates have equal access to all facilities and programs.

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