FJI Objects to Proposed PREA Rule

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is a federal law that requires all state corrections agencies to develop rules that provide ways for inmates to easily report sexual abuse, and to ensure proper documentation and investigation of sexual abuse in prison.  The Florida Department of Corrections proposed rules to comply with PREA; however, we believed the rules fell short.  After consultation with various organizations that advocate on behalf of incarcerated people, FJI sent a comprehensive letter to the FDOC outlining our concerns and explaining why we believe the proposed rules do not fully comply with PREA.  In response, the FDOC issued a revised rule; however we still did not think the changes went far enough, and sent another letter explaining that and requesting a public hearing.   A public hearing was held in which FJI presented arguments on the issue.  Weeks later, the FDOC made some further revisions, adopting some changes suggested by FJI.  Hopefully, the FDOC will revise the rule further to fully comply with PREA, which will ensure that sexual abuse is prison is easily reported, documented, investigated, and dealt with properly.

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