Amid Ongoing Lawsuit, Florida’s Prison Agency Asks For Millions To Treat Inmates With Hep C

Ever heard of the drug, Harvoni? Classified as a “direct acting anti-viral drug,” it’s said to have a high rate of success in treating Hepatitis C.

Now, drugs, like Harvoni, are at the center of a lawsuit on behalf of Florida inmates who have the blood borne disease that can attack the liver. And, these inmates say they want the prisons to provide these drugs they say have fewer side effects.

Currently, the Florida Department of Corrections does not have any funding for the treatment of the Hepatitis C virus, also known as HCV. Kenneth Steely is the General Counsel for the prison agency.

“We were served with a class action lawsuit in May of this year, seeking to have testing for HCV for all inmates and to provide the direct acting antiviral drugs to all inmates,” speaking to a group lawmakers Tuesday. “Ya’ll are probably familiar with Harvoni commercials out there: ‘if you’re a baby boomer, come get tested for Hepatitis C.’ That’s what this litigation is about.”

Steely as well as the agency’s Chief Financial Officer Kim Banks spoke before a House Criminal Justice Budget committee Wednesday. Banks asked lawmakers for the funds to address treating Hepatitis C.

“The department is requesting $19.3 million to begin treatment of approximately 500 inmates with HCV,” she said.

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